Temptation is a B**** & Wedding Bells

I’d like to start off by saying that no, I am not getting married. However, my sister is. Her wedding is in roughly four months so plenty of time to shed some pounds. During her engagement party I was able to get out of being in pictures due to the fact that well, I was the one taking the pictures. This time however, I want to be somewhat comfortable with knowing that I will be in front of the camera and not behind it. So in honor of that I have created a plan so to speak. Instead of giving myself a longer period of time to lose weight I’m going to break down into chunks. The first time frame being from November 6th, 2015 until November 28th, 2015.


I kind of have an outline of my meal plan for the next three weeks which I will share with you in case you are curious. However, I know i’m going to have to put in extra efforts to stay away from the junk food that is the pantry. Anyways, I will be posting an “Essential Healthy Grocery List” and a “How I Meal Prep” post up hopefully sometime within this next week but for now Im going to share with you what meals I have planned.


Breakfast: One whole egg | One slice of toast with mashed avocado | one medium banana

Snack One: Protein Shake

Lunch: Chicken cesar salad w/ yogurt dressing OR Spinach feta salad w/ raspberry vinaigrette

Snack Two: Fruits (Fuji apple, grapes, oranges, etc.)

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast w/ broccoli



That is all I have to share with you guys for now. Bye!

– Fat Girl


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