Welcome to A Fat Girls Journey To Happiness!

Before I start telling the whole world a little bit about me I would like to make a little disclaimer, I SUCK at english. Having said that if your are going to be hater and criticize my terrible writing abilities save your breath.

For those of you who are genuinely here to see the content I am providing you with thank you in advance. Honestly I don’t have a set goal or direction for this blog, I am simply here to share with you guys my struggles of trying to find happiness and for me my happiness starts with shedding these extra 80 pounds that I have been carrying around for the past 2 years.

While I don’t have one set goal for this “blog” I would like to share with you all anything that is fitness, clean eating or just weight loss related. I want to share with you all the obstacles that come my way and the achievements I make regardless of how big or small.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way I want to share just some basic information about myself with you. My name is Jaskirat but I usually go by Jas seeing as many people find it hard to pronounce my name. I am a nineteen year old college student double majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology. I am one semester away from transferring to a 4 year university in Southern California. I am a big dog lover and have two fur babies of my own. And I am a FAT GIRL.


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